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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Genealogy Countdown

Where were you 25 years ago when the Challenger disaster occurred?

I was working as the Emergency Room Clerk at Brooksville Hospital in Brooksville, Hernando County Florida. Stepping out the sliding doors, I gazed as the Challenger fell from the sky.

 Where were you when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas Nov 22, 1963?

I was a young girl living in a small town in Montgomery County, Ohio who watched in unbelief and grief as each image surrounding the death of our president was broadcast over the television in the family living room.  

As genealogists, we ask, where is the ancestor in this census year, and the next decade? Usually, we can account for six or seven decades of an individual life. It is not a very long time. Some lives are as brief as the fading flower. The longevity of other lives adds value to the history of our ancestors, and links the generations.  

Yet, I am reminded that today has genealogical merit. What event will happen today that will give pause to ask, where were you when?

A few days ago when I wrote my first blog, I proudly announced the fact to my daughters. One of my little darlings made this comment:My mom recently informed me that she is starting a blog, and now via Facebook she tells me that she just got a Twitter account. Is there a support group for this, friends? I am officially unnerved! .....LOL, just kidding momma! I'm proud of you.”

The times, they are a changing. Make each day count!


 It is also countdown for the “Expert Connect” disaster.  Did you receive your countdown calendar my fellow genealogists? First date, Feb 3, 2011 – closing client contacts