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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Will of Jane Samuel

Jane Samuel's Will
Transcribed by

  Professional Genealogist

Valerie J. Thompson

October 24, 2014


Rockcastle County, Kentucky Will Book D, page 336, 337

Jane Samuel’s Will

In the name of God, Amen, I Jane Samuels being weak in body, but sound in mind make this my last will and testament (viz)

I will to my son, Z. T. Samuels 1 bed stead and furniture, To my daughter Betsy H. Potts 1 frame, and part of my bed clothes, and to her daughter, Gertrude T. Potts my side saddle. I will to my son, John C. Samuels my feather bed and some bed clothes. I will to my daughter, Martha Thompson’s children, $5.00 or the worth of it in something else. All the remainder of everything else that I have I will to my daughter, Rebecca J. McClary. To my son, David A. Samuels, I will $1.00.

Given under my hand this 11th March 1862,

                                                                         Jane Samuels


A McClary

Susan Mclary

I Wm. Fish, Clerk of the Rockcastle County Court certify that the foregoing will of Jane Samuels was … 22nd day of June 1862, filed and ordered to record as appears from endorsement on said will. In these words, filed and ordered to record June 22nd 1862 in the handwriting of D.C. Colyer my predecessor in office, and same is truly recorded my office the 28th day of July 1866

Wm. Fish, Clerk

By A. Smith, D.C.
  Jane Roper was married to Harndon Samuell on 14 November 1815 in Caswell County, North Carolina. She was born 24 February 1793 according to the McClary family Bible. She died in 1862 and is buried at the Potts Cemetery in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.
Herndon Samuel was born 5 Aug 1788 and died 4 November 1872 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. He was a soldier of the War of 1812 having served in the Virginia Company as a private under Captain's Walls and Wilson. He is buried at the Horton Cemetery in Lincoln County, Kentucky. His service is noted in brief record in Lincoln County, Kentucky Will Book X, page 143, and Will Book Z, page 136.