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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Isaac and Jane Snodgrass

"In Memory 
of Isac Snodgrass
Born Feb 6th 1781
Died Oct 28 1857"

"In Memory of 
Jane Snodgrass
Born May 20th 1790
Died Nov 25 1857"

Isaac Snodgrass and Jane Thompson were married 10th June 1807 in Montgomery County, Virginia. George Thompson, Sr was Surety. (Brief Wills and Marriages in Montgomery and Fincastle Counties, by Anne Lowry Worrell, 1976)

Isaac Snodgrass is  listed on the 1820-1850 Census of Rockcastle County Kentucky.  
The death record for both Isaac and Jane is found in Kentucky Vital Statistics 1852-1953 (, original image) Isaac's cause of death was listed as old age. He was 77 years of age, and born in Virginia. Jane's cause of death was listed as consumption. She was 67. Her parents are named as George and Elizabeth Thompson. 

They are buried on the old Isaac Snodgrass farm in plot known as The Snodgrass Cemetery. The cemetery is located just off the Ottawa School Road which is just off Highway 70 in Rockcastle County Kentucky. There is no sign for the cemetery.  It is easier to locate it from the first (dead end) road off Ottawa School Road.  It has been cleared of the trees and brush that was overtaking it, and is protected from cattle by a fence.  Several of the stones are now lying face down, unreadable. The Snodgrass Cemetery was recorded 4 Nov 1981 and is listed on page 157 of  Rockcastle County Cemetery Records, 1986 by Bonham and Hyatt. I photographed as many stones as I could read on Sunday, April 10th, 2011, and placed those photographs at
Isaac and Jane Snodgrass had a large family. A history of the family can be found in Rockcastle County Kentucky and It's People, Walsworth Publications, 1992.