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Friday, June 10, 2011

Stephen Cummins Bible

The Holy Bible
containing the
Old and New Testaments
translated out of the
Original languages
and with 
the former translations diligently compared and revised
with Marginal References
Apocyrpha, Concordance and Psalms 
text conformable to the Oxford edition
and the American Bible Society
Edition of 1816

William W. Harding

  These fragile Bible pages contain vital information regarding the Stephen Cummins family. This is particularly important to people who are descended from this family, because many of the Rockcastle County Kentucky records were destroyed by courthouse fire.
  While researching Cummins family I came across a reference for the dates of Stephen Cummins of Rockcastle County Kentucky that I had never seen before and contacted Kevin Geiss. Kevin's mother, Norma Ellen Cummins Geiss of Excelsior, Missouri is a descendant of Charles Cummins and Lou Virginia McMullin. Norma has possession of the Bible. Kevin photographed the cherished Bible and the delicate pages. More photographs of the Bible are located at this link,
Permission to post the photographs was given by Kevin Geiss.

Transcription of the above pages by Valerie J. Thompson:

Stephen Cummins was Bornd December 13th 1815
Amanda Cummins was Bornd March 30th 1810
Samuel C. Cummins was Bornd September 11th 1832
William C. Cummins was Bornd October 1st 1835
James B. Cummins was Bornd April 3rd 1840
Mary E. Cummins was Bornd July 15th 1843
Jane Bodle was borned January 21st 1812
Charles K. Cummins was Bornd Feb 18th 1872
Graydon M. Cummins was bornd April 27 day 1893
Clarence Cummins was Bornd Jan 29? 1895

Stephen G. Cummins & Amanda Carson was united in the bonds of wedlock December 27th 1831
Stephen G Cummins & Jane Bodle was united in the bonds of wedlock April 10th 1864
W. S. Cummins and Saly W. Griffin were maried July 31, 1884
Charles Cummings & Lou Virginia McMullin was united in the bonds of wedlock July 28th 1892
Rebecca J Cummins was born March 30th 1897
Eula Cummins was bornd Sept 21st 1901
Mintie Marie Cummins was bornd Apr 17th 1904
Lucile Cummins was born Nov 22 1907

William S. Cummins was Bornd August 14th 1867
Saly W. Cummins was Bornd June 26th 1866
Ardy L. Cummins was Bornd May 22nd 1885
Melisie Cummins was Bornd Jan 9th 1887
Esie Cummins was Bornd April 5th 1888
Joy Dottie Cummins was " Dec 5th 1890
Lucile Cummins was Born Nov 22 1907

Samuel C Cummins Departed this life May 21st 1840
James B Cummins Departed this life April 6th 1858
Amanda Cummins Departed this life April 12th 1863
Elizabeth Roylty Departed this life December 11th 1865 Age 73 yrs 10 mo 9 days
S. G. Cummins Departed this life October 28th 1880 11 o'clock 25 min in the morn
Clarence C. Cummins Departed this life Dec 21, 1915

Stephen Cummins and Amanda Carson are listed on the 1850 and 1860 Census of Rockcastle County Kentucky. Also on the 1860 Rockcastle Census near Stephen and Amanda is Stephen Cummins, Sr born about 1787 in Virginia. In 1870 Stephen Cummins, Jr is listed with Jane on the Rockcastle County Census. Stephen Cummins, Sr was the son of Moses Cummins, (1745-1803) Revolutionary War soldier. Stephen Cummins, Sr married Clarissa Dearmon/Durmin in Garrard County Kentucky 11 June 1801. Moses left a will in Garrard County Kentucky, Will Book A, page 142 dated 15 Sep 1803. Stephen Cummins, Sr was executor along with his brother, Daniel. More about this family is written in Cummins Ancient, Cummins New by Francis Funk. This family has deep American roots.