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Monday, September 1, 2014

Jesse Brock 1751-1843

SAR Marker for Jesse Brock, dedicated August 30, 2014
Photo taken by Valerie J. Thompson
        In the pension papers of Jesse Brock, there are three references to his birth date. He appeared before the court of Harlan County, Kentucky on the 16th of October 1833, "aged 82 years the 8th day of December next".  During the interrogations for his application, Jesse was asked, "Where and in what year were you born?" He answered, "I was born in Cumberland County in the State of Virginia on the 8th day of December 1751, as my father has told me." When asked, "Do you have any record of your age?" He replied, "I don't know that there is any record of my age, my father always told me that I was four years old the year of Braddock's Defeat." General Braddock's Defeat was the 9th of July 1755.
    While there is a date of 1836 on Jesse Brock's tombstone, he died several years later. The 1836 date was likely taken from the following notarized transcript of a Bible record. This typed copy found in Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives Brock file is clearly not accurate. The name and birth, death and marriage date for Jesse Brock's assumed wife is also questionable.

     Jesse Brock personally appeared in Harlan county court in October of 1836 and signed his name to the following declaration, which is also found in his pension papers.
     State of Kentucky
     Harlan County
On the 14th day of October 1836  before me the subscribed, a Justice of the Peace for said county of Harlan, personally appeared Jesse Brock who on his oath declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the Company commanded by William Underwood in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Thompson as well as he now recollects in the service of the United States, that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of Kentucky, that he received a certificate of that fact under the signature and seal of the Secretary of War, which certificate on or about the first day of last December 1835 at or near the house of Armstead Miller in the County of Lincoln and State of Kentucky was lost. He further states that about the 14th day of last October he made a power of Attorney to Charleston Hunt of the City of Lexington and states aforesaid to draw said pension and placed the same in the hands of James S. Henderson who delivered the aforesaid power of Attorney with the original certificate to Major Charles Colyer of Rockcastle County and State aforesaid who presented it to the said Hunt and Hunt drew the money for him and delivered it with the certificate to the said Colyer at the place before mentioned, but his pocket book and the original certificate with a considerable quantity of money as he is informed was lost or stolen.
He here refers to the affidavit of the said Charles Colyer.
                            Signed, Jesse Brock
    James S. Henderson and Col. Charles Colyer also gave supporting statements. On November 17th 1836 the War Department wrote "Let a new certificate be issued." The War Department also noted that Jesse had previously signed with his mark.

1840 Census of Harlan County, Kentucky
Jesse Brock
1 male 80-89, 1 female 80-89

He was paid until 4th March 1842, and the agency was notified 27 September 1844, but the date of his death does not appear in the papers. No wife or children are mentioned in the pension papers.

    Harlan County, Kentucky Court Order January Term 1856, page 358 Microfilm #834234 Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives:

January Term 1856
Ordered by the court that satisfactory proof has been made that Jesse Brock died on the 13th day of Oct'r 1843 and left no widow, but he left has 6 heirs living, Aaron Brock, Amon Brock, Sally Coldiron, Polly Helton, Susannah Blanton & Theny Slone.

The other source used for the children of Jesse Brock is the Annie Walker Burns interview with Elijah Brock.

     Jesse Brock's complete pension application papers S30887 can be viewed at U.S., Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application files 1800-1900, courtesy of the National Archives.
    A comprehensive and thorough study of Jesse Brock and his family is located at, as well as, DNA results. Male descendants of Jesse Brock are haplogroup J1, not Native American.