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Monday, February 13, 2012


Dickerson Parrish, a man whose last wishes speak volumes about the man. He was born in Virginia about 1785 and died in Clark County Kentucky in 1852.  He was the son of Timothy and Mary Parrish. 

Will of Dickerson Parrish, Clark County Kentucky Book 13, page 232-234
Transcribed by Valerie J. Thompson Jan 28, 2012

I, Dickerson Parrish of the County of Clark and State of Kentucky being of sound and disposing mind and memory hereby make ordain and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others, by me at anytime heretofore made.

Item 1st, I direct the payment of all my debts of which the amount will be found small.

Item 2nd, I bequeath to my brother William D. Parrish the two debts he owes me and evidenced by his two several notes, which notes, I direct to be delivered up to him.
 And, to my brother, Dabney W. Parrish, and his heirs the sum of two thousand dollars in money to be considered due the one half at the end of thirty days after the probate of my will and the other half at the end of twelve months, thereafter interest, however, that the said Dabney W. Parrish and his heirs shall pay over to the said William D. Parrish the interest on said money yearly for his support and maintenance and at the death of said William D Parrish the amount remaining unpaid of said sum of two thousand dollars to revert to my estate.

Item 3, I bequeath to my niece, Mary E. Carty, Fifteen hundred dollars To my niece, Sarah Ann P Stephens, Fifteen hundred dollars. To my niece Catherine R. Ellis, Two thousand dollars to be due and paid to them respectively the one half in thirty days after the probate of my will and the other half at the end of twelve months, thereafter, and to be held by them respectively for their separate use and benefit free from the control of such husbands, as they may at any time have, during their respective lives and upon the death of either of them her legacy to be distributed among such issue as she may have living at the time of her death and in default of such issue then among her sisters, and if any of her sisters should at that time be dead leaving issue then living such issue to stand in the place of the parent.

Item 4, I bequeath to my brother Dabney W. Parrish the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, the one half to be considered due in thirty days after the probate of my will and other half at the end of twelve months thereafter. In trust after reserving a proper commission or compensation for his service as trustee to pay over the interest and such portion of the principal as he may think proper to my niece, Martha L. Fishback for her separate use free from control of her husband during her life and upon her death the amount so paid to her of the principal and the balance of the principal and interest remaining unpaid to be distributed among the issue of said Martha L. Fishback to be paid over to such issue of said Martha L. Fishback to be paid over to such issue as they respectively arrive at the age of twenty-one years or may and in case of death of any of such issue before arriving at age of twenty-one years or marrying then the portion of such issue to go to the survivors, and in case of death of the said Martha L. Fishback without leaving issue at the time of her death then the legacy hereby be bequeathed to her to be distributed among her sisters and in case any of them should at that time be dead leaving issue at the time of the death of said Martha L. Fishback such issue to stand in place of parents.

Item 5, I bequeath to my nephew, Peter D. Dudley the debt he owes me and direct his note be give up to him.

Item 6, I hereby emancipate my old slave, James and bequeath to him my old broad axe and a good common chopping axe and also the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid in installments from the time of the probate of my will

Item 7, I bequeath to the American Bible Society located in Cincinnati, Ohio five hundred dollars, to the American Christian Missionary Society organized in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1849, Five hundred dollars and to the Female Orphan School located near Midway, Kentucky the sum of Five hundred dollars, in which last, however must be my note or subscription of Fifty Dollars to the Institution of which subscription I have already paid ten dollars. The legacies in this seventh Item mentioned are to be paid in five equal and annual installments commencing one year after the probate of my will.

Item 8, I desire and bequeath to my brother, Dabney W. Parrish, all the rest and residue of my estate, land, slaves, money, bonds, notes, crop, stock, and property of every kind and description whatsoever to him and his heirs forever. I hereby appoint my said brother, Dabney W. Parrish, my Executor and request and direct that no security be required of him for the execution of the trust, hereby confided to his care. This done and published this the 20th day of January one thousand and eight hundred and fifty.
                                                                                         Dickerson Parrish {Seal}

In presence of us as witnesses who sign the same in presence of the said Dickerson Parrish at this request and in presence of each other, August 19, 1852
John Spencer
John M Fishback

Clark County September Court 1852
This last will and testament of Dickerson Parrish deceased was produced in open court and proved according to law by the oaths of John Spencer and John M Fishback.
Witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.
                                                                                        Att. Cad Jones, Clerk

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oscar H. Murrell

   Master Sargent Oscar H. Murrell, WW II Purple Heart recipient, was born December 10, 1914 in Lincoln County Kentucky to Granville L. Murrell and Sally Thompson. He enlisted September 5, 1941 in the United States Air Force at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. He was killed and listed as missing at Bari Harbor, Italy 2 Dec 1943, eight days short of his 29th birthday. He was a member of the 343rd Bomber Squadron, 98th Bomber Group, a World War II Honor Roll member. He was awarded the Purple Heart. His name is engraved on the Tablet of the Missing at the Florence American Cemetery, Florence, Italy. There is also a memorial "erected in Memory of Oscar H. Murrell"   in Ladoga Cemetery, Ladoga Indiana where his parents are buried.

Note: Photo that was previously posted to this blog was misidentified. All information about Oscar H. Murrell is, however, correct.