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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ottenheim Immanuel Luthern Church Picnic 4 Sep 2011


The Emanuel Church built 1886
Dedicated to the triune God [The Father, Son and Holy Spirit] on 18 Sep 1887

Dinner was served inside the newly air-conditioned church.

I Am the Way, The Truth and The Light John 14:6

Original chandolier

 This is a fitting follow-up to last week's blog, regarding Brock, Schrader, and Scheffler from the Ottenheim community.  This is also my first look inside the historic Immanuel Luthern Church in Lincoln County Kentucky. Food was served inside the newly air-conditioned church, thanks to the generous donations and hard work of those working to restore the church to the community. Folks gathered under a large tent to eat and listen to some good gospel music; that is until the promised thunderstorms arrived. Everyone dashed inside the church for more music, and a live auction of some very excellent hand-crafted items. Proceeds help with the continued restoration of the church. 
  Several books and binders were for sale. See "Ottenheim, Lincoln County, Kentucky" on Facebook, for more information about purchasing Memories of Ottenheim by Jerry Zwahlen, and other binders of historical church records and newspaper articles. 

Second cousins, Donnie Scheffler and Valerie J. Thompson.
Behind us, Susanne Zwahlen. 
  This was also a first for two second cousins to sit down together and have a little face to face chat. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship. Thank you to all who worked so hard to put the Immanuel Luthern Church  picnic together. 

Photos are my own. 

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