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Thursday, February 3, 2011

James M Carrigan son of Hugh L. Carrigan

Parental Release of James M Carrigan from his father Hugh L. Carrigan
Pulaski County Kentucky, Deed Book 12, page 99

Know all men by these presents that Hugh L. Carrigan of Pulaski County Kentucky does hereby release from my control from all obligation to work & labor for me, my son, James M. Carrigan, aged about 14 years and do hereby authorize & permit my said son to labor, trade & act in all things for himself & to enjoy the benefits of his labor & without in any respect being subject either in person or property which he may acquire to my control or authority. 
 In Witness where of I hereunto set my hand & seal this 17th day of July 1843. 
                                                                                       H. L. Carrigan {Seal}

Commonwealth of Kentucky Pulaski County
  I, William Fox, Clerk of the county court for the county aforesaid do certify that this writing from Hugh L. Carrigan to his son, James M. Carrigan was this day produced to me in my office and acknowledged by the said Hugh L to be his act and deed. 
 Whereupon said writing together with the foregoing certificate hath been duly admitted for record in my office
  Given under my hand this 17th day of July 1843.
                                                                                   Will Fox, Clk

This unusual emancipation of a minor was the rare document that connected father and son.

James M. Carrigan was born 11 Jan 1831 and died 10 June 1901 Wayne County Kentucky. He and his wife, Mary Hutchinson, and many of his family are buried at the Hutchinson Cemetery #1 in Wayne County Kentucky.  Hugh L. Carrigan was born about 1806 in Kentucky. In 1850 he was a resident of Wayne County Kentucky. Hugh L. Carrigan's father was Hugh Carrigan born about 1778. His mother, Martha "Patsy" Langston was the second wife of Hugh Carrigan.  They were married 18 Jan 1802 Wayne County Kentucky.

Hugh L. Carrigan was also about 14 years of age when he was indentured to James Lynch to learn the trade of wagon ronging (Wayne Co Ky Deed Bk C, 171-172) This was a month after his mother married secondly, Samuel Hinds in Wayne County 10 Aug 1820.

James M Carrigan cared for his father in his later years.. (Wayne Co Ky Order Book "I", pg 26)

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