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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ambrose Coffee, Boonesborough Settler 1775.

     We do hereby certify that Henry Field, assignee of Ambrose Coffee is entitled to Four hundred acres of land in the district of Kentucky on account of the s'd Coffee residing in the country ever since the year 1775, and improving the land in the year 1777, lying on the Waters of Licking on the road that leads from Boonesborough to the Salt Springs and that said Henry Field Assignee is also entitled to the preeemption of one thousand acres of land adjoining his said settlement. Given under our hands at Harodsburgh this 4th of November 1779.
                                                                                            William Fleming
                                                                                             Stephen Trigg
Test: John Williams CCC                                                    Edmund Lyne

(Page 5 of documents for Preemption Warrant #679 located at

     On April 25, 1775 names were drawn for 40 of the 54 lots of the new town of Boonesborough. Ambrose Coffee drew lot number 13. (Draper Manuscripts 1CC36) (William Calk papers)


  1. How funny that 13 turned out to be a lucky number for my ancestor, Ambrose Coffee. 13 is my lucky number and I was married on the 13th day of the month in the 13th year of this century. 13 was my dad's lucky number too and he had it tattoo'd on his arm in block numerals with a black cat with its back arched and hissing! Guess 13 runs in the family still! Funny the connections you make with family history!

  2. BTW...there was also a story of Ambrose Coffee being known as the Irish convict as it was said that his release from an English prison was paid for by someone in the colonies and that he was an indentured servant for something like 2 years. Also a story within the family that he came to Kentucky with Daniel Boone. I had a record of the prison documentation but that was one of those things on Ambrose that was lost with my Coffee file. I cannot attest to the accuracy of either story at this point.