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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Lawrence Heather Burns age 3 1/2
Back of photo Hall & Co 306 Main St, Buffalo, NY

     The beautiful photograph of little Lawrence Heather Burns, immediately caught my eye, as I had been researching Burns surname in New York for a client in Scotland. Phyllis Brown of Kentucky Kindred had purchased the photo on Ebay, and posted it to Facebook.  I shared the photo with my client. Although this Lawrence was not from her family, she did know a little something about this young fellow. Sometimes genealogy is serendipity!

 Lawrence Heather Burns was born in 1888. His mother was Annie Heather (her surname). With a birth date and the name of his mother,  I was then able to learn more about young Lawrence Heather Burns.

The father of Lawrence Heather Burns was Millard Shelton Burns born 7 Apr 1854, son of George Burns and Elizabeth Christie. Elizabeth Christie was the daughter of Joseph Christie who died 1863 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York. The Christy's were from England.

Anna Heather was the daughter of William and  Mary Ann Heather. Mary Ann was born Jan 1821 Ireland, or Scotland, and was living with Anna and her husband in 1900 - 1910 in Buffalo, New York.

Lawrence Heather Burns lived in Buffalo, Erie County, New York all his life.  June 5, 1917 he registered for the draft of World War I.  He gave his birth date as March 25, 1888 Buffalo, New York. At age 29, he was married and Vice-President of Buffalo Non-Ferrous Castings, Company. He was of medium height and build, with grey eyes and dark hair.

About 1916 Lawrence married Annie Livingston Cox, also known as Anita, the daughter of John Sayre Cox and Miriam Franklin Leggett. They had four children:

     Lawrence Heather Burns, Jr. was born 27 March 1917.

     Donald Whitley Burns was born 24 May 1919.

     Clara Ann Burns was born Christmas Day, 1920.

     Sayre S. Burns was born 7 Aug 1924.

After a full life Lawrence Heather Burns passed from this life 18 Nov 1952. He is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York along with his parents.

A descendant of Lawrence Heather Burns has been contacted.  I am hoping the photograph can be returned to the family.

Census records Erie County, New York for years, 1890-1930
WW I Draft Registrations
St Luke's Episcopal Church Records, Nov 1894
U.S. Directories
Social Security Death Records
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Permission from Phyliss Brown to use the photograph

An a special 'Thank You!" to my client in Scotland.

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